"I've never stopped dreaming about walking again...
I am making my dream my reality one baby step at a time."
Amanda Boxtel

Australian born, Amanda Boxtel represents Ekso Bionics as an ambassador.

In July 2010 she was the first paraplegic woman in the world to walk in

Ekso – a wearable robot that powers people up to get them standing and walking again.

Amanda sustained a spinal cord injury from a skiing accident in 1992. Since that pivotal moment, she has accomplished much in her lifetime. Amanda has been involved in community and outreach projects that aim to improve the lives of individuals living with disabilities. In 1995, she co-founded Challenge Aspen, a successful nonprofit organization, which enables individuals with disabilities to participate in recreational activities in Aspen, Colorado. 

Amanda’s overall message is one of spirit-mind-body transformation and never giving up in pursuit of the best quality of life possible. She has a greater sense of healing and that transformation occurs from within. Amanda believes in the divine connectedness to all things and she aspires to help make the world a better place for future generations.

In Amanda’s Words…


If someone asked me, “Amanda, if you could have one thing in this world today that
would improve your quality of life, and inspire you to jump out of bed in the morning
knowing that you will feel better, what would it be?” My immediate answer would be
plain and simple, “Ekso, please.”

I can only imagine my world without pain, without edema, weight bearing on my limbs
and walking perfectly aligned in a natural gait. When I walk in Ekso, my pain dissipates
completely, my edema goes and my bladder and bowels function more regularly.
Incorporating walking in Ekso, a bionic exoskeleton, into my daily routine would turn my dreams into a walking reality. I have that opportunity NOW. Thank you for your support to help me raise the remaining $65,000. A dollar a step will help me reach my goal of 65,000 steps! 

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I will promise to pay it forward through documenting my journey and inspiring others to believe in newfound possibilities. Walk my journey with me…

In recognition of Amanda’s ambassador role and her contribution to Ekso Bionics, Amanda has the opportunity to be one of the first persons in the world to own Ekso and use it every day in her home.

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